Regarding AT+CIPBUFSTATUS Response

Hi Team,
We are using WizFi 360 WiFi module with firmware version and Using CIPSENDBUF Command for transmitting data.

At end of data transfer, we are using AT+CIPBUFSTATUS command to check the Status of TCP-Send-Buffer to get info of whether all the data is successfully transmitted or not.

See the below Response of AT+CIPBUFSTATUS command, the 2nd parameter ( segment ID sent ) is larger than 1st parameter ( next segment ID ). How come it is possible ?? I think next segment ID should be always higher than segment ID sent.

I mostly observed that next segment ID larger than segment ID sent, but inconsistently I am observing segment ID sent is larger than next segment ID.
At what are all scenario’s this occur ?



0,39927,SEND OK



0,39928,SEND OK

0,39929,SEND OK



And I see TCP buffer size as 15360 in version, is this correct ?

Hi @Padmini

I will check the segment ID issue.

And the TCP buffer size(TCP send buffer size) is set to 15,360.

Please refer to it.

Unless you have a compelling reason to use v1.0.7.5, please use the latest version.

The latest version is v1.1.2.0.

Older versions are difficult to support.

Hi Austin,

We did see incorrect password issue with version, Please check the below link for more details.

we need to change the SSID based on our requirement, so started using where we are able to change the password and able to reconnect, which is not working with

is this issue fixed in ??


Hi @Padmini

I answered the link below.