No support for WizNet550io

I posted on the 5500 discussion group on 01AUG14 with this topic:
“Can’t update Sn_RX_RD on WizNet550io”
No response although lots of views. Still no luck in being able to update the RD pointer.
Odds are I’ve made a small error but I can’t find it. In a couple of days I have to make a decision which is probably going to be switch to a Microchip Ethernet product. Not because the WizNet 550io is a bad product but it’s pointless to work with a product that has zero support. I’ve got a full box of various PICDemo boards. I’ve even written working software that implements the Ethernet DMX 1.31 protocol so instead of laying out the board to hold the WizNet550io I’ll design a more sophisticated board that uses the PIC32. In the long run I’ll be better off.


Hi John

first, I apologize for the late response.
I read your previous question.
I don’t understand why don’t update Sn_RX_RD.

Please refer to the URL as below and please try to compare with your code. … 500:driver > 1. ioLibrary_BSD

I hope that this reply is helpful.
thanks, EK :slight_smile:

Looking at the general purpose driver with lines and lines of #ifdef statements didn’t help at all. The suggestion to first look at the CMD register in the other forum was helpful and it changed the behaviour. That led me to the real problem in the SPI writebuffer routine.