Flash hex/binary to W7500 without keil?


I am trying to flash the firmware for S2E onto my blank W7500 through the provided keil projects but it does not work with keil 5.38a so I cannot compile and load through that versions of keil. However, since the git repo already has the precompiled .bin/.hex files, I was wondering if there was another way to directly flash those precompiled files to the board without going through Keil and using something else. Is this possible with DAP or SWD somehow, as my other option is to get an older version of keil that is compatible but that seems like a waste since the compiled .bins/.hex’s are already provided.


You can use ISP tool.
refer this link.

Hi thanks for your response, but I don’t believe I can use the ISP tool yet because the W7500 doesn’t have the bootloader flashed onto it yet. I need to flash the bootloader somehow first to use the ISP tool right?

It seems that the DAP-CMSIS option may be what I am looking for as I can just drag and drop the .bin file onto the board over USB. Is there a recommended USB DAP-CMSIS debug probe programmer manufacturer or part number? I have ordered a DAPlink programmer but in case that doesn’t work, I was wondering if the wiznet team has one that they know will work out of the box.