Device/module suitable for sending email messages

I am involved with a project designing a product that will need to be able to send out short email messages. We will be using that to actually send out text messages using the appropriate email addresses. Our prototypes currently use the Raspberry Pi board to handle the emailing, and our own PCB design and micro controller to handle the other logic of our product. My problem is that while I think the Rpi board is a great product for what it was designed for, I am hesitant to embed it in a product with an on/off switch, since it was not intended to be powered up and down without a proper shutdown sequence. [color=#8000FF]My question is: Is there a WizNet product that can be configured with email server information, etc that can then be used to send out short email messages? [/color] I am experienced at embedding micro-controllers in products but have not had the need in the past for automated email. Anyone been down that road and have some suggestions? I don’t think UDP messaging would work for us, as the text messages need to be in a format that can be received on a cell phone and from what I am reading, UDP is intended only for communicating with another UDP device.


Marty C.


As I know, Raspberry Pi have already network function.
Did you used WIZnet chip with Raspberry Pi?
If you used the WIZnet chip, What Kind? W5100, W5200, W5300, W5500 ?

Thank you.