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WizFi210 LimitedAP

I’m creating limited acces point with wizfi210 and following commands:


After that I can connect to LimitedAP from computer and phone, and I can ping it from both. But I can’t ping phone from PC, and PC from phone. PC and phone has static network settings,, addresses, if this matter.
What am I doing wrong?

Hello Georgiy

WizFi210 can’t run as L2 switch.

In other words,
WizFi210 can transmit the data with phone
and WizFi210 can transmit the data with computer
but phone and computer can’t transmit the data each other.

Thank you for your reply.
Is there something about that in documentation?

Could you recommend me some module that has L2 switching?

Hello Georgiy

WizFi630 and WizFi250 have L2 switching function.

WizFi630 have full functions of standard access point.
But, WizFi250 have some limitation like WiFi throughput, WiFi station capability and so on.

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