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W5200 vlan environment problem


We are using W5100 and 5200 chips for 4-5 years.
We have sold thousends of chips and are going on.

But the essential problem is VLAN compatibility.
You says that all the Wiznet chips are not compatible with VLAN Tags.

But this is serious problem to use of Wiznet chips on the market.

VLAN is very popular networking methode and using everywhere.

As a Wiznet based device manufecturer, We are looking forward to hear that you have solved this VLAN problem

Otherwise, I’m sure many developer and manufacturer will give up to use wiznet chips.

Your promt reply is highy appreciated

Selahattin Aslan
General Manager
FORA Teknoloji Ltd / TURKEY


We are considering to implement VLAN tag next product.

But it is difficult to choice to add VLAN tag or not.


Thank you for the prompt reply

Will this solution be valid for current chips for next lots?
Or should we change all the hardware design?
And when exactly do you plan to come out?

Selahattin Aslan


We don’t plan to add VLAN tags right now.
And I think the change may take a long time.


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