RB1-125BAG1A MAGJACK for W5500?

I have a new product design for the W5500 but I have trouble sourcing the recommended magjacks but I see that Digikey have plenty of stock of the RB1-125BAG1A from WIZnet. I can check the data although there is only an “approval sheet” but do you know if this one suitable for use with the W5500?


The schematics of RB1-1D5B8K1A and RB1-125BAG1A are look like same.
So, it would be worked fine.


Yes, but I wonder what was so different that WIZnet would use another type in the first place? I will have to look closer to make sure. However, now that I have put the W5500 into the same form-factor as the WIZ820io I will now be needing an SMD version, and boy, are they harder to get a more expensive. But I will keep looking, maybe external magnetics will be the answer.