WizFi250 throughput


I have such configuration:
Module A: wizfi250 with two tcp servers, configured as Access Point,
Module B: ip camera with data rate about 700 kB,
Module C: android tablet with two tcp clients.

Module B, C connected to module A . Module C get video stream from module B, and some data from module A host (2 kB/s).
Would wizfi250 throughput be enough in such configuration?
In documentation said that wizfi250 support data rate up to 65 MBit/s, but I would like to remove doubts about this.

Hello Georgiy

<65 MBit/s> is just WiFi physical link rate.
is another issue.

Please refer to the below link.

So, max wifi transfer speed is 1.74Mbit/s?
That would not be enough for camera.

Hello Georgiy

—(A. UART)——(WiFi)—

Maybe is over 10Mbit/s(physical rate is 65MBit/s).
But, in above diagram, camera will send the camera-data to WizFi250 via .

So I think that depends more on thatn on .

That is why is under 2 Mbit/s.

Hello ssekim!

The diagram is —(WiFi)——(WiFi)—.
So no uart here, and throughput is quite enough.

Thank you!

Hello Georgiy

In fact, I didn’t test throughput without UART interface.
But, I believe that it would be more than what you expected.