WORM, what is it?

W for Write

O for Once

R for Read

M for Many times

A “forum” is about “discussion” but I think there is as much discussion here as there is at a cemetery. People come and look and read what’s written on the gravestones while the subject stays buried 6 foot under, with the worms. Now that’s dead as and we don’t really want to bring up dead stuff, we just want to keep it alive in the first place. But that takes effort, and as they say “No effort, no joy”.

I’m used to the Parallax forums where it is constantly buzzing, where boring and brilliant things are happening all the time. There is no magic there, just people making sure they are active and a part of the forum rather than just looking on and taking.

I also think that the official “solutions” aren’t very helpful, they sound just like a call center operator reading from a manual, but perhaps forum members with a little more knowledge and experience could chip in a little. When 10 people work together they get much more done than 10 people working alone. We are more than 10.


Hi, peter.

I agree with you totally.

So, what should we do??

[quote=“hjjeon0608”]Hi, peter.

I agree with you totally.

So, what should we do??[/quote]

Well, I thought if this tickle doesn’t elicit a response then I won’t bother anymore with this forum. But really all we have to do is pretty much the same thing we do when people are talking with us face to face, we nod, we acknowledge, we think, we reply, we just communicate. An internet forum can be too convenient, we can come when we want, take what we want, and walk away without even at least grunting, but we would never do that if we were invited to dinner, would we? That would be the very height of bad manners.

So what we do instead is share what we can openly, be ready to help as we are able, and give constructive feedback when we can. I find it hard to imagine that most on this forum are not actively using WIZnet products, so then all have some experience, both in success and in encountering problems.

The Propeller forum is probably the most active chip forum I know of because we have “sharers and carers” to put it one way, and because of that each of us benefit far more than if we only had the bones of a forum to pick on. Bring a plate instead and let’s all join in a fun feast, that means everyone and anyone reading this forum, this post. Try it and hang in there and this forum will grow as will the interest in WIZnet products as people will see how they can get into the Intenet of Things easier than they thought.

So, what successes and problems have you had with WIZnet?

Hi, Peter
I think also.

I believe that we will make the better and more active forum.

Thank you.