W5500 is Heating

I’m working on a project using W5500. Proje is working. There isnt a problem. But W5500 is heating. What can I do about this problem. RSVD pins is floating. And Pmode pins is 3.3V(Directly). I think the problem stems from this. Please help me.

It will heat because chip has PHY drivers inside. You should be able to hold a finger on the chip, but it must be hot during the operation. Power PHY down using PHYCFGR register and check if it still heats. And I do not think these pins are the cause unless chip is defective.

Thanks for reply Eugeny. Can you explain more your saying? How I configurate power of PHY. When i researching, i found ‘setPHYCFGR()’ . But i dont know what i do?

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Datasheet page 42.