About data frame 0x90


In an application I’m doing, after issuing an AT+CIPSEND command I send the data using the control code 0x91 (AT CMD) and everything still works fine. Is there any reason to specifically use 0x90 to send data?

Thank you

Hi @abalore

When sending data using ‘AT+CIPSEND’, no control code is required, such as 0x90 or 0x91 etc.

In normal cases, you enter the AT command in the form of ‘AT+CIPSEND=’ or ‘AT+CIPSEND=,’ and then send data by entering amount of data.

Hello, thanks for your answer.

I must mention I’m doing it via SPI. According to documentation a TX data frame is required to send data.

Hi @abalore

When using SPI to send data, please set 0x90 in the control phase as mentioned above.

There is a WizFi360 SPI example, so it would be good to refer to it.