W5500 wake up time after reset


The DHCP process seems to take much longer if I pull the reset line (RSTn) first. I can access all the SPI registers just fine, but there seems to be some internal state machine that needs to boot up before it is actually able send any packets (like DHCP discover/request). And it also looks like it takes quite some time (somewhere between 5-10 seconds??). How can I know when the W5500 is ready after a RST?

I see on the Wiz550i dev kit, you have a small uC that asserts a WIZ_RDY flag. How does this check when the W5500 is ready? Is it just a timeout, or is there a register I can check somewhere?


You really should take your time and read a little about it…
RDY (READY) is a pin of WIZ550io module, not a flag.
Check the documentation here: wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=pro … o:hardware

RDY (READY) - This pin is asserted to low after power on.
When RSTn is activated, WIZ550io does auto configuration with embedded MAC and default IP address.
After configuration gets completed, WIZ550io raises this pin to HIGH in order to inform about the completion of WIZ550io’s configuration.
Host processor can only control WIZ55oio when RDY pin is HIGH.

Alternatively, if you want to check through software, you can check the status of the PHY interface (read PHYCFGR register) and know when it’s ready and connected.