W6100 GET Request with python


I’m completely new to Wiznet, so apologies if I’m asking basic questions.
I would like to make GET request to a own server which runs at port 80 (basic HTTP request without headers or something).
I prefer to run with MicroPython, since I like their urequests library a lot and I know that that library works.
The board should run at a static IP.

I can blink the LED on the board, but somehow if I try code with the module “network” thonny indicates that there is no module named “network”.

I would be very happy if someone could guide me a bit! Appreciated!!

I have Arduino MKR Zero Board and W6100 MKR- Ethernet Shield. I am interfacing both using SPI connections and using Latest Wiznet Ethernet Library but I am unable to ping the Ethernet Shield. I am using MOSI, MISO, SCK and CS pin too. What Ethernet Library should I use for W6100 if there is any? Please guide.