W5500 interrupt

Hello everybody

Thank you for reading my question I am working in a project that received data from the HypeTerminal and echo it back, I use an FPGA to send and received data to the W5500, I used the interrupt pin nINT, to detect when there is a new byte received in the RX buffer, the system do the task it supposed to, but the problem is that it takes 600 us from the time it received the first byte to the time it received the 2nd byte, I found out that those 600us can vary if I modify the retry-time-value register. Could someone clarify why it is so slow? or there is any register I have to set up to make it be faster?

Check the INTLEVEL value.

For more detail, refer to INTLEVEL descripiton in W5500 datasheet.

Thank you.

thanks for the reply checking the INTLEVEL was one of the first things I did and as I don’t even touch it it reads 0, the thing the only one thing it varies the time between interrupts is the retry-time-value register, why does it happens, is there a way to make the W5500 not to wait for the retry-time-value register time between interrupts?