One of the GND pins was not connected

Yesterday I was working with my first project utilizing Wiznet W5100 chip. Unfortunatelly without success. After few hours I discovered what was wrong - I forgot about one PCB trace from GNDD (pin 68) to common ground plane. I tried to place there a piece of thin wire, but without success. Device is still not working.
Is it possible, that one unconnected GND pin could somehow damage the chip? Or should I look another bug somewhere else? I have to make another PCB anyway, but I don’t know if I can to recycle a chip or should I consider it broken and use a new one.

A damege cannot happen to not connect 68pin of the W5100 to a gnd.
It has to operate if you did the circuit design and pcb design normally.
If I will upload the circuit which you design on a forum, I will examine a circuit.
But first, see under url.