Is it possible software-only trigger?

Hi everyone,

I do not understand this sentence on the WIZ108SR User Manual:

“For the WIZ108SR to enter into serial configuration mode, hardware triger should be turned
on and reset the WIZ108SR, and the software triger code should be sent to change WIZ108SR
into serial configuration mode.”

Does that mean that I need both hardware and software triggers to go into serial configuration mode?

Because I do not have any other pins than RX, TX on my host device.
I thought, I could define a 3-byte tiggering sequence, escape that sequence from normal data if exists, and send the 3-byte sequence when I need to go into configuration mode.

But from the sentence above, I understand that I also need the hardware trigger.
Do I misunderstand? Is it possible to tie the HW_Trig pin to low and use just software trigger?

In other words; in my application, I need to change between configuration and normal modes back and forth using just the serial port and no other pins. Is that possible?

(I do not yet have a WIZ108SR to try, I am reading the manual to see if it is usable in our project)

Thanks for any answers…

You are right.
It is possible when using either of two methods to enter the command mode; SW Trigger(3 char) / HW Trigger pin
When you using SW trigger to enter the command mode, does not need the HW Trigger pin.

I’m sorry about that our descriptions gave confusion to you.