Serial command for setting DHCP range


I’m trying to use a serial command to set the DHCP start/end range (ie ) but it doesn’t work for me.

Here is the command sequence that I have used

Okay I have now set DHCP and read the setting so now I try to set it:
<2> means incorrect parameters, so lets try using the example code from the serial configuration guide:
Maybe I need leading zeros

If I change the command through the web interface I and read the results I get:

Please help.

Thankyou for your time,


I think that you have to change your device IP using command.
Currently, Your Device IP might be or So It’s DHCP pool range can use ~
You can’t use ~ range excepted address.

So I recommand that you will change your device IP using <> if you want use range of IP ( ~ )


Sorry for my absence but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the problem


You can see that my IP address is already set correctly.


Actually a little more information:
(In case it matters this is using the DEV kit)


So it seems like this command only works if I am not changing the subnet. Is this a bug?


Hello Paul

Please try it again as below.

<GO0> <WT0_192.168.1.254_255.255.255.0_192.168.1.1_0.0.0.0> <WI192.168.10.254> <WS255.255.255.0> <WH192.168.10.101_192.168.10.200>

With these command scenario, it worked well.


I tried again and I’m afraid it still doesn’t work:


You can see that the WH command returns <2>.

Is my version old?



Please try it again as below.




About this issue, I asked to s/w engineer of WizFi630, and he recommend .

Because there can be another dhcp servers in AP-mode-network, so there are some limitation with .

How about using the instead of as below?

<GO1> <WT0_192.168.1.254_255.255.255.0_192.168.1.1_0.0.0.0> <WI192.168.11.254> <WS255.255.255.0> <WH192.168.11.101_192.168.11.200>


I can confirm that I can set the DHCP start IP address on the LAN ports using Gateway mode.
But I must use AP-MODE.

I want to construct a network with multiple WizFi630 modules.
Each module has 2 IP ports bridged together.
One module has a static IP address and is set to DHCP mode (the router)
All the other modules should be set to DHCP client mode.

I must be able to control the DHCP range to my range (

Is there anyway that I can do this through the serial interface in AP-MODE only (given that the WH command doesn’t work in AP mode).


But, in my guess, is almost same like except WAN interface.

You can just set WizFi630 as and set with dummy static IP.
Then, I think that WizFi630 can run like .

To implement what you want in AP mode, WizFi630-S/W needs to be modified.