Build an RC car (arduino+wizfi210+android)

Hi, I have a couple of questions. I wondering to build an RC car using arduino with wifi shild that connects to an android phone. what is the best way to start it? how the connection can be build?

first idea was that the shield works as a limited ap. but i cant figured out how the phoone need to set up.

thanks :slight_smile:

Hello rjonger

Please refer to the below link.
I believe that it will be helpful for you.


hi ssekim. thanks for your fast answer. it is possible to connect the wizfi to the phone without router? wizfi can be used like an access point and the phone connect? how the phone need to be configurated for the co-op work?

thanks :slight_smile:


Yes, WizFi210 can do that.
Please refer to the below.

6.2. Limited AP Mode