[From QnA] Remotely manage port setting on WIZ140SR

This post came from QnA of WIZnet website.

Is there a way to change the port settings from the network side on the WIZ140SR other than your utility?I’ve got cases where we need to change port baud rate from a device that doesn’t reside on the same subnet as the WIZ140SR module. Most terminal servers have a management port I can access from the network side.


Dear customer,

You can set up using serial command.
This function is used to modify the settings of the module by using Serial port.
Connect the cable to the module’s Channel #1 serial port and switch the HW Trigger SW’s pin to ‘ON’.
Then, Serial command mode is accessed.
Please refer to user manual ver2.0.1(p4~p8).
URL : wiznet.co.kr/UpLoad_Files/Re … _v201e.pdf

I know about the serial side configuration, but in my environment, I don’t have access to the serial side ports to change port settings. The devices on the serial side are too “dumb” to understand setting up their own ports. Furthermore, the port settings need to be dynamic; I can’t just set it up once and forget it.

I need to be able to control port settings from the network side. Sounds like this isn’t possible? I’ve never heard of a terminal server that doesn’t have network management.


Dear customer,
Thanks for your interest in Wiz140sr.
You have to use only the configuration tool.