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Buffer overrun?

My TCP communication is between PC and microcontroller with Wiz107SR module. Communication is of type poll (from PC) and response (from controller) (20 to 50 bytes at 150ms rate). Communication goes well for let’s say 2000 circles and then suddenly slows down (slow blinking LED and slow log file growth)- data are traveling but more slowly as times progress, until PC software breakpoints at timeout part of code (microcontroller+ Wiznet section still running). When I release PC from
breakpoint, communication revives. More interesting- first response (after revive) I receive is for last poll (which causes timeout). Could it be some buffer overrun of Wiz107SR ?


I’m sorry for late answer.
It is not situations it has been reported. I think, data throughput ‘20 to 50 bytes at 150ms rate’ is acceptable to WIZ107SR.
Would you check the results of multiple modules?


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