WIZ 100SR sending data to a domain

Helo All,

I want to use WIZ100SR for uploading some data to a website. There will be a microcontroller based unit which interface with WIZ100SR. The WIZ100SR will be plugged to local LAN which is connected to Internet.

I need to send a data that looks something like this:
medidatabase.com/upload.asp? … d=thatword

When I type this data on the address space of a web browser (running on a PC connected to LAN) it is transmitted correctly and I get a message back “YES” which is shown on the browser.

I am very much confused how to do this using WIZ100SR. :unamused: I am also not sure whether WIZ100SR is the right choice for this. Can somebody give guidelines?

First Should I configure WIZ100SR and then only attach to the microcontroller PCB? If so how should I configure?
What the microcontroller should do to send the above mentioned data?

I’m wondering the status of this isse.
If this issue is remain now, please post a new topic in Forum.
I will check a new topic immediately.