[From QnA] WIZ140SR port setting non-volatile?

This post came from QnA of WIZnet website.

Are the port settings on the WIZ140SR non-volatile? Ideally, I’d be able to set port numbers and serial settings to a fixed default, and then have them stay that way after power down. I see the network identity is non-volatile, which is good, but it looks like the serial ports revert to 1200 baud and port 0 when powered down.


Dear customer.

We have tested WIZ140SR. But we didn’t find any problem.
So try to update latest firmware and configuration tool.
If you still have problem after that, reply again.

I have the same problem, My WIZ140SR seems to forget it’s port settings after power down, at least the configuration tool can’t seem to read them but they still seem to be working. I was on V1.0 so upgraded to V1.6.1 after reading this but the problem is still there, in fact the board occasionally reports V1.1 instead of V1.6.1 but turning off the power seems to fix this. Only the First port seems to always report the correct settings, the rest always show blank. Anyone know a fix for this?


I hope you to upgrade your configuration tool with our latest one, Rev 1.6 on our website.
wiznet.co.kr/Admin_Root/UpLo … nstall.zip

If you have still the same problem with the latest configuration tool, please inform me again.

Thank you.


Hi James, thanks for your answer, this did indeed fix my problem, the configuration is now stable and can be recalled at a later data, unlike when using the V1.0 configuration tool. Thanks for your help. :mrgreen:

You’re welcome, GESLAB! :smiley: