Input data format of w5100

whats input data format of w5100?
and how its programming? through spi? and how data communicated between input and w5100?


For the communication with MCU, W5100 provides Direct Bus I/F, Indirect Bus I/F, SPI I/F mode.
and for the communication with Ethernet PHY, MII is used.

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DataSheet : [url][/url]

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ok.but my question is what dose kind of data input? stream,binary or …???

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Direct/Indirect BUS I/F → each time a byte is transmitted.
SPI I/F → each time a bit is transmitted.

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W5100 data format is not fixed.
Don’t care the data format - binary or ASCII.
W5100 will send the data to be written by you or W5100 will receive the data to be written by a peer.

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thanks for your response…