W5200 is not working in layer 2 switches


We are using W5200 in TCP mode.
Our devices are not working in Layer 2 switches.

How can we do?
Should we require to write additional source code to work layer 2 switches?

Selahattin Aslan

Hi! selaslan,

What kind of product did you use? W5200 chip or WIZ820io?

To check some physical layer problem, you need to check the Link LED in your system.
If the Link LED is blinking the physical link is good. There would be another issue.

Can you draw your system block diagram you made?

Thank you,


We are testing Planet SGSW-24040R manageble switch
W5200 is not working

But we have other hardware based W5100 design. It’s working

We have applied Erratum 1, but still it is not working

What is the problem?

We have upgraded our new designs with W5200. But many devices are returned back with this problem.



We are using W5200 IC in our hardware

BTW, Link led is blinking. No problem

If we use basic switch (non-managable) W5200 is working

But If we use manageble switch (Planet SGSW-24040R) There is no connection.

We have received this feadback about this problem from other customers with different switches

In addition,
The interesting thing is our previous desing based on W5100 is working good. I do not understand.


Hi Again

As I check, If we plug 1000 base-T switches, the blink rate is little bit slowing
I mean the blink rate is different between 100base_T and 1000 base_T

And I saw some post reported There is a problem of early W5200 ICs in gigabit switches

In this case, We have purchased about 1200 pcs, and really on trouble
How can we change the ICs?


Selahattin Aslan


Did you mean you connect W5200 to 1000 base_T switch then LED is blinking slow rate??

it is too hard to decide that it’s not working just LED is blinking slow rate.

It could take longer about negotiation.
So check link register and after it is set, test data transferring.


We already test all, data transferring is also ok.
We have debugged data packages via managable switch diagnostic

Btw, we saw that the switch could not learned the mac addres of w5200 device

But it learned the mac address of w5100 devices successfully

In 100 mbps non managable switchs, both are ok

Our w5200 chips datecode is 1348
We doubt that our w5200 are early production and have problem with managable gigabit switches

Awaiting your solution



PHY register content is 0x37
Link status register is 1 (Link Up)


We saw the problem and solved
We have extended the rcr timeot value

But there is another issue

The managable switch can not learn the mac
Address of w5200 device when we plug the cable,

if i get connection to the w5200 device from a PC
The managable switch is leraning mac addres

But if we plug the cable of w5100 device, the managable switch is
learning the mac address even there is no connection

I tnink w5200 is not responding to incoming ARP request from managable switch

Awaiting reply



[quote]But if we plug the cable of w5100 device, the managable switch is
learning the mac address even there is no connection[/quote]

It means if W5100 or W5200<---->switch, switch sends ARP request and makes MAC table??

As I know, switch learns MAC address when server or client try to send some packet to destination.
i.e. W5200 try to send data to PC via switch(W5200 <-----> switch <----> PC).