Escape character is 0x01

I am evaluating a wizfi220. ATI0 reports ‘WIZnet’, ATI1 reports GS1011 and ATI2 reports WizFi210 I am using WizFi210 Programmer’s Guide version 1.3

I am finding that sending and receiving data using escape sequences requires the use of character 0x01 rather than character 0x1b as indicated in the guide.

For example the character string “\x01 S 1 Hello \x01 E” (spaces inserted for clarity only) might be received rather than the expected “\x1b S 1 Hello \x1b E”.

Your guidance please.

Has no one in Wiznet a suggestion of a way forward, other tests or questions that might answer why I am getting this singular effect?



I’m sorry for late reply.

If you have wanted to receive “0x01” data instead of “0x1b”, It has been impossible.
To use “0x1b” data is WizFi210/220’s protocol when it communicate data. So we recommend to use “0x1b” data for using escape sequences.


Thank you for the reply.

My problem is that I want to receive 0x1b but in its place is 0x01. I can watch the network traffic and I can inspect the bytes as they appear at the USART and the byte is definitely 0x01. If I send a data string using 01xb to the wizfi it is ignored as data and not transmitted.

Would you please post a link to the latest UART firmware (not SPI, not enterprise) to ensure I have the very latest firmware and I will reprogramme the wizfi and see if the problem persists.

with thanks


I know your problem finally from your reply.

If you want to send <0x1b> data, you have to enter <0x1b><0x1b> when WizFi210 send data.

For sending A2345<0x1b>67890 data, You have to enter <0x1b>S0A2345<0x1b><0x1b>67890<0x1b>E.

Thank you


Thank you for the reply.

Sorry but you have not understood my problem.

If I use an external UDP or TCP test program (e.g. Axence net tools pro) to send the string Hello to the Wizfi what is sent from the Wizfi UART into the attached microcontroller’s USART is the string \x01SHello\x01E and not \x1bSHello\x1bE as expected. Test using both UDP and TCP.

I found a firmware update on your web site and used the upload instructions and tool to put the firmware into the Wizfi. And without making any other changes to the software in the microcontroller or the test set up the received string changed to \x1bSHello\x1bE. In buying the Wizfi I appear to have bought one with some strange firmware.

I have gone on to test data transmission by the wizfi back to the UDP or TCP test program and the data received by the test program now works correctly as well. I have tested bulk data mode which is now working as expected.

I want to confirm the only change I have made is to upload new firmware into the Wizfi.

It is now working as expected.

Hello Sgitheach

  1. Try it again with below tool(Hercules)

  2. Try it again after factory default.