PC with Firewall

We use W5100 to communicate with PC software.
The W5100 device dedicate the sockets:
socket 0 - for UDP only for configuration.
Socket 1 - not used.
Socket 2 - use as server and enter to “listen” state without problem.
socket 3 - use as client. Enter to connect and established mode after the it receive at least one packet in socket 2.

The problem is on socket 3 that if the PC use the firewall that client socket(socket 3) doesn’t established and give us indicate that it closed.
Once we cancel the Firewall from the PC all the sockets work well.

Is there any solution for that problem?
IS there any way to work with firewall successfully?



Hi Itay,

Please, set the Inbound rules.
If you use windows, set the your inbound rules on
“Control Panel / Windows firewall / Advanced settings (on left side) / Inbound rules / New rule”