What are the supported AT commands in the WIZ110SR

I want to know the supported AT commands like the Hayes modem serial commands that is supported by WIZ110SR.

I am looking at what commands I would have to type in to connect to a web page. For example, I were to hook this device up to a Commodore 64/128 via an RS232 connection or a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. They use traditional Terminal Emulator programs from classic Hayes modem commands.

Lets say I want to connect or “dial” a web page… what commands would I have to type?
Would it be:
example: AT67.123.65.127:80



or similar commands commonly used in other serial to ethernet bridges such as the UDS-10 by Lantronix. Would the commands be the same or similar?

I know there is a list of configuration commands but what would the commands be to “dial” a website such as google.com

Why has no one answered the question?

Unfortunately, WIZ110SR does not supported AT commands.
WIZ550S2E is supported AT commands.