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W5100 SOAP web service in Swordfish Basic

on Swordfish site you can found an example of SOAP web service server for W5100 chip module like WIZ811MJ with a VB.NET VS2010 client example.
The library implement also DHCP and DNS ( TYPE_A and TYPE_MX ) in Swordfish BASIC


Hi! Coccoliso,

Thank you for giving us good information about SOAP web service server for W5100.

If you’re interested in creating W5500 (WIZnet latest TCP/IP chip) application with the Swordfish BASIC, please refer to this page

Thank you,

Hello kzl108,
I’m in Italy and it is very difficult find the W5500io here for now, I saw that the datasheet shows November as last changes date … in order to have a prototype on which work I’ll have to wait few months before be able to buy it here too.

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