AT+FDNS command error

I am attempting to follow your wiz550s2e example 2 (Example of retrieving web page of in Dynamic IP and TCP Client).
I can see the module with the configuration tool. It has connected to our network. It is configured to use DHCP and has retrieved an IP and gateway, subnet, and Host IP addresses. It is configured to use DNS and has a valid DNS server IP.

Whenever I isssue the “” command, I receive a “[F,2]” response.

Is this a “WrongCommandSign” error? If so, what does that mean?
If not, what does this error mean, and how do I resolve it?


So the example says to issue a DNS lookup like so:\r\n

But the programmer guide indicates that the FDNS command does not accept any arguments, and that it instead uses the “Domain and DNS Server IP what has set via Configuration Tool”.

Is there a way to set the DNS server IP and domain string via a serial port command?

[url]Access to configuration via AT commands]