Hi there,

We are looking for the firmware for the W7100A-S2E-64 so that we may program the chips in circuit during production. Is this avaibale for download somewhere?

I understand the timing is different on to the W7100A-S2E-100 firemware which is downloaded as
“WIZ108SR Firmware”

Hopefully this is no problem with as other wise its a 6 week wait for pre programed chips and this is outside of our current deadline. Blank chips are held in stock locally.



Hi, Paul.
I’m sorry for late answer.
Officially, we doesn’t provide whole firmware (boot + app) for W7100-S2E series (WIZ107SR firmware).
And, we are sold only at a pre-programmed chip format.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the following e-mail.