Wiznet 5200 communication problems

I laid out and had a board produced. It is a direct copy of a working Arduino Shield from Seeed Studios, which uses the 5200 chip. I removed the SD card, as it was not needed in this design. The date codes of the chips I have purchased are as such:

Chips I ordered from Digikey: 1303
Working version on Shield: 1323
Second shield I have: 1345

I have been all over the design looking at the board and tracing the signals, and I cannot find anything out of place. I’m using the same magnetics and logic level converters, but the problems I am having are:

On power up, the red FDX light does not always come on, nor do the link and speed lights on the RJ-45 jack. I have to manually press the ethreset switch(reset on pin 46) to ground to get it to turn on the ethernet jack. As this device will be used by consumers, it needs to automatically startup the ethernet circuit without user intervention.

If I manually add an entry to the ARP tables on my MAC, I can get my laptop to use the ping command to push ping packets to the device. I can see the link light flash in time with the packets, but I get no return information from the device, and the response is “Request timeout for imp_seq ###”. This may happen 10-15 times, then I get “ping: Sendto: Host is down” for 10-20 responses. The link light does not flash while getting the host is down response.

I am using the arduino Uno R3 circuit, which I have tested and is working properly. The program I am using is one of the examples for the 5200 chip, and it seems to work fine on the shield, but with the version of the chip I have, it will not progress past the part of the code that starts the Ethernet process, Ethernet.begin(mac). I have assigned a valid MAC address to the device, and on the shield this works properly.

I sent the schematic to the US headquarters and was told that the schematic looks fine, but to get on the forums and see if other engineers could help.

I am down to the wire on this one, as I will be traveling overseas in the next week or so to install the devices. Any help you could give would be gratefully appreciated.


I have some question.

  1. Can you read version register and it is correct??
  2. Did you connect directly shield to laptop??
  3. What value is PHY staus register??
  4. What is ethernet shield network information??