WIZ550io Using LabView


My WIZ550io respond to ping normally. Using LabView TCP read function fails. IP address is set to and port to 10002.
I would like to communicate through SPI with LMP90100 (National Semiconductor) sensor interface chip. It is possible to do this with WIZ550io?


Yes, you can. Read sensor data and then send the data to WIZ550io.

Hello Franci,
you must make sure to work with SPI in Variable Length Date Mode (VDM) and act with 2 separate CS to select the SPI device and communicate through a bit banging protocol.
The Wiz550io can also work in FDM (fixed length data mode), but that will not work with other SPI devices because it does not release the MISO ( see 2.3 W5500 datasheet section ).