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Firmware upload

My WIZ550s2e module run well for two days and suddenliy after a power-up it did not work anymore. Both
status leds at J2.3 and J2.4 are flashing rapidly. When I launch the configuration tool it shows
me in the Firmware Version text box “Bootloader 1.0.0”. Has the firmware lost?

In programmer guide there is a hint: WIZ550S2E Configure tool is not supported TFTP server. So
you use TFTP programm seperately. With several TFTP from other sources I tried to upload
’WIZ550S2E.bin’ but it failed. What did I wrong?

Please check the nHWTRIG pin.
nHWTRIG pin is active low.
Active this pin when boot-up, WIZ550S2E will going into bootloader mode.

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