[urgent]Connection to WPA2 enterprise security grade

I would like to know how to connect arduino UNO to WPA enterprise network with wizfi 210. Are there any examples or libraries available?

I have searched on github, yet I did not find any example codes or library. github.com/Wiznet/WizFiShield

Could you help me with this issue?
Really appreciate your help.

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Unfortunately, WizFi210/220 Arduino Library can’t support WPA-Enterprise Security.
If WizFi210/220 Arduino Library can support enterprise security, WizFi210/220 must have more of software version. But official release version of WizFi210/220 is

Kaizen, where can I get a firmware for this wizfi210 ??
please help me.

Hi mazanazo
I sent private message to get your e-mail address. If you reply, I will send WizFi210/220 enterprise firmware by e-mail.

But actually, Even if you update enterprise firmware, You can’t use this function with arduino library.
Because arduino library for WizFi210 doesn’t be ready to use enterprise firmware so If you want it you need to modify arduino library.

Thank you so much my friend .