Is it necessary to use WIZ107SR without porting on Host?

Dear all,

I’m finding solution, serial to Ethernet, and I’m verifying your products.
I am wondering as below
1.Support stand-alone mode :
It means that This mode don’t need any host driver or to port at host CPU.
Is it working JUST to connect both ports (serial, Ethernet) ?
Simply, after configuring module using tools, WIZ107SR is working well without porting driver on Host embedded CPU ?

I guess that WIZ107SR may be good solution for my requirements.
Is that right ?
Please advise me.

Thank you.

As you metioned that, WIZ107SR can be running stand-alone if it is already configured by configuration-tool.
WIZ107SR can only bypass some serial data to ethernet and vice verse in the condition configured by conf-tool.
Don’t worry about that.

Thank you.