[From QnA] WIZ108SR HW rev1.1 and FW v2.20 HW_TRIG Bug?

I am testing the Wiz108sr hardware version 1.1 with firmware version 2.20.

The wiz108sr is configured as a TCP client connecting to a server with a static address. The wiz108sr is also configured with a static address.

Once a connection is established, HW_TRIG goes low indicating there is a connection. Once a connection is established, the wiz108sr functions fine. However, if the connection is broken, ( for example the Ethernet cable is disconnected) then HW_TRIG stays low, falsely indicating the connection is established. HW_TRIG seems to stay low until the wiz108sr is rebooted.
My understanding is that HW_TRIG should go high once the connection is broken (closed) and this does not happen.

Dear customer,

Currently, Do you use wiz108sr EVB?
If yes, Try to test again without Wiz108sr EVB.
Because if you use wiz108sr EVB, H/W trig pin will operate by switch of EVB.
And when power off, the default value H/W trig is high.

Thank you for your reply.
I started with EVB, but now I am using it directly and looking at the output of the HW_TRIG pin directly. Once connection is established the HW_TRIG goes low. However, if you unplug the eithernet cable which should close the connection, the HW_TRIG stays low it does not recognize the loss of connection.

Dear customer,

When wiz108sr started with EVB, HW_TRIG pin value is setting up by switch value of EVB.
Therefore you should use without EVB(Serial included) for correct measure of HW_TRIG pin value.