[From QnA] I can't configure WIZ145SR: Invalid Msg Recv

I’m trying to configure a new WIZ145SR module using the WIZ14xSR ConfigTool Rev 1.41, but each time I click the search button
the debug port on the module shows: Invalid Msg Recv.
The ConfigTool does not find the device. How can I configure it!!
Here is the log from the debug port:

[quote]Boot Ver1.3


WIZ14X Ver1.0<<<
W5300 Init
Get Config: Addr = 803f800 Config = 15dc0800
Restarted normally
Setting Network Information
=> Local MAC Address Setted
=> Subnet Mask Setted
=> Gateway Address Setted
=> Local IP Address Setted
Listen[CH0] 0
Listen[CH1] 0
Listen[CH2] 0
Listen[CH3] 0
Invalid Msg Recv
Invalid Msg Recv
Invalid Msg Recv

I click the Search button three times and each time the Invalid Msg Recv is sent out the debug port.


In case of having multiple IP address in your computer, you can get “Invalid Msg Recv” when searching WIZ140SR.

First, [color=#FF0000]eliminate other IP addresses except one IP address [/color]from your computer.
Then, Click “Search” on your WIZ140SR configuration tool.

I think you can get a board information on the Configuration tool without “Invalid Msg Recv”.

Thank you.