WIZ1000 no connect IP

I’ve received my WIZ1000 and I cannot configure it.

What I’ve done :

  • installed configuration tool
  • plugged WIZ1000 directly to my computer (Windows 7) using cross cable given in the box
  • started configuration tool
  • clicked on search button
    => the progress bar go from beginning to the end and nothing happens…

I run a ping from the command prompt, result OK
but the ping test from WIZ1000 configuration tool does not work
Password = wiznet

What can I do?

Does Ethernet Link LED turn on?
Does Ethernet Act LED blinking normally?

If your answer is yes for above question,

  1. Try factory reset to WIZ1000.
    [color=#FFFFFF]…[/color]a. Turn on WIZ1000
    [color=#FFFFFF]…[/color]b. After boot up, press the reset button while 5~10 seconds
    [color=#FFFFFF]…[/color]c. Release the reset button.
    [color=#FFFFFF]…[/color]d. WIZ1000 will print “Factory default” message via serial and then reboot.
  2. Turn off all of firewall on your PC.
  3. Disable all of Ethernet Controller without one(connected with WIZ1000).
    [attachment=0]2015-01-05 오전 8-45-17.png[/attachment]

If you still face problem, please contact reseller to replace the new product.

I disabled all VMware Network Adapter and now works
Thanks for the help

Hi. Will the configuration tool be able to recognize my WIZ1000 even if there is no serial device connected (serial device is not yet available)? I am trying to configure my WIZ1000 and I don’t know where to start. I only connected the WIZ1000 to my laptop using the ethernet cable. Your reply will be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: