WIZ1000 no connect IP


I’ve received my WIZ1000 and I cannot configure it.

What I’ve done :

  • installed configuration tool
  • plugged WIZ1000 directly to my computer (Windows 7) using cross cable given in the box
  • started configuration tool
  • clicked on search button
    => the progress bar go from beginning to the end and nothing happens…

I run a ping from the command prompt, result OK
but the ping test from WIZ1000 configuration tool does not work
Password = wiznet

What can I do?

[WIZ1000] 디바이스 검색이 안됩니다

Does Ethernet Link LED turn on?
Does Ethernet Act LED blinking normally?

If your answer is yes for above question,

  1. Try factory reset to WIZ1000.
    [color=#FFFFFF]…[/color]a. Turn on WIZ1000
    [color=#FFFFFF]…[/color]b. After boot up, press the reset button while 5~10 seconds
    [color=#FFFFFF]…[/color]c. Release the reset button.
    [color=#FFFFFF]…[/color]d. WIZ1000 will print “Factory default” message via serial and then reboot.
  2. Turn off all of firewall on your PC.
  3. Disable all of Ethernet Controller without one(connected with WIZ1000).
    [attachment=0]2015-01-05 오전 8-45-17.png[/attachment]

If you still face problem, please contact reseller to replace the new product.


I disabled all VMware Network Adapter and now works
Thanks for the help