Reconnect after loss of Wi-Fi range


Device(LED board) + WizFi250 (AP Mode, TCP server Data Mode) firmware
Tablet (Android) Client Mode

Everything works fine until loss of Wi-Fi range.
When WiFi range is restored I can’t exchange data beetween device and tablet.

To restore connection a have to:

  1. switch do Command mode (+++)
  2. close socket (AT+SMGMT=0)
  3. switch to Data mode (AT+SDATA)
    sometime I have to dissconet (AT+WLEAVE) and connect again (AT+WJOIN).

The main prolem is that at WizFi250 side I don’t have any information that Clinet loss the range.
Also in Command mode there no information about it.

I make simple test (loss range emulation):

  1. connect tablet to WiFi
  2. make any transmission data or command mode from Android application
  3. disssconect WIFI in tablet configuration, (application is still working)
    WizFi250 don,t receive any information about dissconection
  4. connect WiFi again
    5.Link is broken , I cant send any infrmation from Tablet to WizFi250

Ia any workaround for this problem?
Is any timeout to close open socket?

Best regards,

(Sorry for my bad english)

Hello TeleVox

It’s not easy to find out status of WiFi between WizFi250 and tablet.

How about using the keep-alive-data?

In other words, (to check the WiFi status) please use the dummy data(a kind of keep-alive) between android application and WizFi250.

One more thing…

A few days ago, a new f/w was released.

Please try it again with the new f/w.

Can you explain in more detail the operation of AT+SOPT1 command, option 11 Socket Reconnect Options?
How it works?

Best regards,

Hello TeleVox.

WizFi250 doesn’t support the function(AT+SOPT1=11) any more.

Sorry for that.