WIZ7100-S2E not working after programming

We have used pre-programmed W7100A IC in our custom board. When we power it up, it displayed following message,


After this message nothing is displayed and Module is not responding to any commands via rs232 port. Even it is not detected with the configuration tool.

So we tried re-programming it using WIZISP tool via RS232 port with the latest firmware version (WIZ107SRv4_04.bin) provided on wiznet website. After programming, module is not responding (It is not displaying anything on power up, also it is not responding to any commands via rs232 port. Even the module is not detecting with configuration tool.

We have follwoed the same schematic as that of WIZ107SR module.

Is there anything we missed, during programming. Please suggest.


The firmware which you can download from WIZnet website is only application code.
W7100A-S2E consists of two part, boot code and application code.

As you wrote application code into W7100A-S2E chip with WIZISP, the boot code on W7100A-S2E was destroyed.
So you can’t expect it works properly.

If you soldered it onto your board, there is no way to fix it on your side.
You’d better contact WIZnet branch office or distributor near to you.

Thank you.



Thanks for your reply.

We are able to re-program the device which indicates that the boot code is working fine.