[From QnA]ping failed 3150+88e1111


I use Dsp 6713 control 3150a+, After initialization, I did not send or receive any data from 3150a+, but I did open a socket with UDP protocal. Ping device through PC, but did not receive reply. I read all registers, everything is ok, IP address and Gateway adress. 88e1111 was set as auto negociation.
when connect with switch, link Led lighted up, receive Led shining periodicaly, but transfer Led never light up.
when ping will be replied by 3150a+? After initialization,or I need to open a TCP socket,and build up connection? please give me some advice

Dear customer,
Thanks for your interest in w3150A+
Please follow as below.
“1) Chip_init():- s/w reset the chip then select the mode of the chip direct or indirect mode etc.
2) Set the Address :- Like MAC Address, GATEWAY Address, SubnetMask and IP Address
3) Set RCR
4) Sysinit():- Set the Tx & Rx buffer size
5) Sock_init():- Create a Socket as per client and Server
6) Then infinite loop :- Do the action as per the socket STATUS like ESTABLISHED, WAIT or CLOSE etc.
7) Yes you can use ping to check the connections between PC and the module.”

If you hardware is correctly designed, the ping should be avialable after step 4. Is inturrupt signal assered after step 4? Please check if socket status is SOCK_INIT after step 5.