W5200 moment shutdown problem


I have big problem with my device. I have hardware with XMega128A1 and W5200.

When I start my device all is fine and It’s working, but when I switch off power for approximately 100-500ms and swtich on the power the W5200 lost link, and does’nt work. So I must switch off power for 4-5 seconds and switch on device, and after this time the W5200 has link and all works.

I forgot to tell: Version of W5200: 3. I have a 50 the same device, which was mounted in special company, and a few form this 50 has the descricption problem.

Any idea? Someone have similar problem?

Best Regards!


I’ll have to ask with the this problem to the person in charge.
They will answer about your question to you as soon as possible.

Ek :slight_smile: