My network using Wiz610wi is not stable

Hi Sir
I have used a combination of W5300 and Wiz610wi to connect my electronic scale to the server through Ethernet and wifi. My Ethernet network works very well but when I switch on the wifi, there are some problems. First of all, after a few minutes, data stream from electronic scale to the server is disconnected while the wifi connection between Wiz610wi and server is still valid. Secondly, I have made several similar main boards and checked all the connections many times and every thing is OK but just on two of six, I succeed to make wifi data stream and on these two boards, just two of six wiz610wi works and for remained four wiz610wi ,wifi connection is OK but there is no data stream.
I have checked the schematic and all connections are such as your AN001 (Wiz610wi_to_w5300_Direct_MII_Interface). we have used a common 25MHZ crystal for W5300 and Wiz610wi and all connection except those shown in above documents are floating. Could you please advice how to reach to a stable network.

Hello Esmaeil

WIZnet will discontinue WIZ610wi and WIZ6000.
So, you had better find another WiFi solution instead of WIZ610wi and WIZ6000.

is there any other wifi module to be software compatible with wiz610wi. I have spent a lot of time for PCB and it works stable now but it seems it has been discontinued already.


Regarding to the issue, you had better discuss with WIZnet’s branch or distributor which you bought WIZ610wi from.