Hi, I have my own firmware design for the W7100 which I program on to the WIZ108SR, but I have struggled to create a bootloader that will allow an Ethernet based flash upgrade. Wiznet has their own bootloader which they use in the WIZ107 and WIZ108 designs, but the code is not made available to customers.

My question is: Can Wiznet at least provide some example code for creating a bootloader for the W7100 which will enable an Ethernet based flash upgrade ? I can understand that Wiznet don’t want to release source for the 107 and 108 program code, but the bootloader should be made available.

I now have 300+ products in the field and if there are any firmware upgrades required, the product has to be returned to base for ISP upgrade.

Over a week since my post and no response from Wiznet. Is this new wiki actively monitored ? The last forum wasn’t as featured, but at least there were responses!

The WizNet bootloader does not do any Ethernet communication.
Your code must handle receiving and storing of the new firmware image in XDATA, thats documented.
You also have to write the actual flashing code, which must be placed in an area of CODE flash memory which is not overwritten with the new firmware (in case of WizNet it’s the bootloader). This flashing code mustn’t erase the whole chip - it just erases the sectors of CODE flash except the flashing code. Erasing and writing the CODE flash is also documented.