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I have been working on a project where the LAN data comes in via the WIZNET107SR. The information in the data stream controls some relays. I am using NXP2468 processor whose UART is connected to WIZnet107SR, which receives data/ information. Relays are connected to GPIO s of the processor, which ultimately turn ON/OFF Pan and Tilt unit. PT unit is of 100W and has a single phase induction motor moves left, right & up and down. My problem is the Wiznet gets resetted very often thus losing the connection, while operating the PT unit by some LAN commands using relays. I need to re-establish the LAN connection again and again every time this problem occurs. I could not find any spike(Like surge current/inductive load)which can disturb the power connection of the Wiznet.
I request any of the expert users who faced this type of problem and solved successfully, and kindly let me know how I can solve the issue. Thanks in advance.

Hello ravisankar.
These problem does not reported you mentioned.
Please tell us the WIZ107SR module revision (you can find PCB slikscreen on pads) and firmware version (config-tool).

Generally, the case of these issues caused by electrical problems.
we recommand to try to seperately test the WIZ107SR module only. (includes aging test)

The following system configurations, e.g.,
Devices to be controlled ----- [MCU] – serial – [WIZ107SR] == ethernet == TCP or UDP terminal
==>> [Debugging Terminal] – serial – [WIZ107SR] == ethernet == TCP or UDP terminal

If the WIZ107SR module reset does not occurred when test the module only, please check the configuration of the whole system. if not, (the module is still frequently reset) electric shock or damage is suspected and please request an RMA to your dealer.

Hi Hkjung,

   Thank you for the reply. revision of Wiznet1072r is R1.4 and I did not upload any new firmware. In my application relays, MCU, wiznet module all are connected on the same PCB. I did not find any spike(electrical disturbance) on the processor or the Wiznet side when it gets resetted. If electrical problem is there how it can be corrected? Thanks in advance.    


Hi. Ravisankar.
This is difficult situation to understand.
Could you please attach your schematic on this post?
I would like to receive as much information as possible about the problem.


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