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WIZ550S2E configuration tool and AT commands


I am using the WIZ550S2E module linked to my microcontroller with an uart to send it AT commands.
I use the AT command AT+NOPEN to open a socket (as client) on a distant server.

I see that the configuration tool allows to configure the local port, the remote port and the host ip.
However, when I use the AT+NOPEN command from my microcontroller, I see that I have to fill fields corresponding to the local port, the destination port and the destination ip, or else I receive the error [F,3,4]

I do not understand why I have to fill these fields on this AT command because they are supposed to be already known by the WIZnet module. Maybe I missed something about the link between the configuration tool and the AT command ?

Can i get the value of the local port, the destination port and the destination ip, configured with the tool, using a special AT command? I do not want that all network informations being stored in my microcontroller (if I have to change these informations, I want to use the configuration tool instead of reprogramming my microntroller).



Refer to wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=pro … l_en:exam2
You can modify IP setting from dynamic IP to static IP.

  1. Please reset a target.
  2. Insert +++
  3. Insert AT+NSTAT\r\n
  4. Insert AT+NSET=S,,,\r\n
  5. Insert AT+NSTAT\r\n
  6. Insert AT+NOPEN=C,,5000\r\n
  7. Insert AT+NSOCK=0\r\n
  8. Insert AT+NSEND=0,4\r\n
  9. Insert test\r\n
  10. Insert AT+NCLOSE=0\r\n



Thanks for your answer.
But I see in your example that we have to fill the fields “destination _ip” and “destination_port” in the AT+NOPEN command (“” and “5000” in your example).
Do we have to fill these fields in all cases with this AT command ? Because with your configuration tool, we can fill the fields “Host IP” and “Remote Port” and according to your documents they represent the "Peer system’s IP address / socket’s port number, which WIZ550S2E connects(or sends) to, when its operating mode is “Client mode”,“Mixed mode” or “UDP mode”"
So, as I configured and use my WIZ550S2E module in Client mode, I just want to know if we can get and use these informations filled with the configuration tool when using the command “AT+NOPEN” (send a AT+NOPEN=C, for example) ?
I do not want to store the destination adress ip and the the destination port number in my microcontroller if it is possible.


For your exemple, how can the Host IP value ( can be read with AT command?
Best regards

No wiznet support?


In Host IP case, you must use a configuration tool.
There is no command in AT mode for Host IP and port.


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