Configuration tool can't find module. [solved]

I am trying to run the configuration tool, but it can’t see the WIZ550S2E module. I manually set the Ethernet interface of my laptop to, with a gateway of, so it is on the same subnet as the module, then disabled wireless so it wouldn’t confuse matters. I connected the module via a straight through Ethernet cable, and ran the configuration tool.(Or do I need a crossover cable?) I hit the search button, and it grays out for less than 2 seconds before coming back to active, but it never finds any modules on the network. I can ping the module, but neither version of the configuration tool can find it. There is a steady orange light on the module’s RJ45 jack.

Any suggestions? I am trying to reduce the baud rate, and using the serial interface wasn’t working, so I thought I would try the configuration tool.

If you do not connect to a router you need to use a cross cable.
the strange thing is that you can ping the module, however, should use a router and set as the gateway on both the router address.

Maybe not so odd that it can ping. The W5500 datasheet says “However, user can use either type of cable to connect to other devices with auto-MDIX enabled, and the interface automatically corrects for any incorrect cabling.” The laptop, being pretty new, probably has auto-MDIX.

I attached the module and the laptop to an Ethernet switch, and the configuration tool had no problem finding the module. Problem solved.