W5200 issues

I am trying to connect a 5200 to an arduino mega 2560 and I have not been able to set the ip address. I am on my third 5200. All of the examples compile and upload, but never sets an ip address. Thoughts? Help.

Seriously? This is not a unique problem. I can Google numerous people having the EXACT SAME ISSUE, but the only fix that anyone has been able to come up with is to return the unit until you get one that works. I have to believe there’s a better solution than that. Is there anyone that I can call directly? There has to be a better way to get technical support than “a forum”.

Is there anyone reading these posts?

Give me some more information?
Have you used one shield in particular or have a homebuilt?
[url]Mega 2560 + Ethernet (wiz820io / W5200) - Networking, Protocols, and Devices - Arduino Forum
IS a library vs pinout problem.

SPI signal is correct??
And what is your schematic??