Garbage data serial WIZ107SR


Today i received the wiz107SR module and i stumbled upon a problem.
When reading from the ethernet port or my com port i get weird garbage data. See the picture for the serial settings and the garbage data: … sp=sharing

But when i connect TX and RX from the Wiz107SR and read and write from the ethernet port everything is fine, the usual message appears: LGSEG:CONNECTED and i can write “hello” and receive “hello”.

I’m using a FTDI Usb to serial cable to connect my com port to the Wiz107SR.

COM3 <–> FT232R <–> WIZ107SR <–> Ethernet

I tried numerous things including resetting, uploading other firmware and using other terminal programs but nothing seems to work.

Model name: WIZ107SR
Revision: 1.4
Firmware version 4.04
PC interface: Device terminal 1.0

Thank you in advance!

There are two kinds of WIZ107SR: with RS232 levels on RxD/TxD/RTS/CTS (WIZ107SR has a SIPEX 3232EBE chip on bottom), and with TTL levels (WIZ107SR_TTL). In first case your setup will not work (FT232R has TTL level).

That explains alot! The SP3232EBE chip is indeed present on the bottom. The retailer where i bought the module listed the I/O’s as 3.3V - 5.0V so i automatically assumed it was TTL level.

Thanks for the heads-up!

This also happened to me :slight_smile:
To convert it to TTL I desoldered the SP3232EBE and closed the corresponding 4 bridges (R38, R39, R40, R41).
Check the newest schematics - RxD, TxD, RTS and CTS are translated, others are TTL. TTL levels on WIZ107SR are 3.3V, inputs are 5V tolerant.

Awesome! Just did what you suggested after seeing the schematics and it works like a charm now :slight_smile: Guess they’re using the same hardware minus the SP3232EBE for the TTL version ( which makes a lot of sense :stuck_out_tongue: )

Again cheers!