Wake/Sleep on LAN with WIZnet

I am not sure if this topic belongs to this forum.
We are looking into using one of the WIZxxxSR product as an Ethernet to Serial Comm Bridge.

  1. Does the WIZxxxSR present itself to the Host PC as Virtual Comm Port??
  2. Is there a feature on the WIZxxxSR (or other WIZnet product) that can do the Wakeup or Put to sleep the Host PC using the WOL (Wake-On-LAN) standard packet?

Thank you,

Hi, Sanpitak.

  1. Yes. we provide virtual COM port emulation program called ‘WizVSP’ for our S2E modules.
  2. No. S2E modules does not support WOL. but WIZnet chips support this feature. If you need WOL function, It is possible to implement S2E function + WOL yourself using the our chips.